TabSel disabling

Hi there,
I am looking for a way to “disable” a TabSel Tab, couldn’t find anything in the documentation.
Is it possible if yes, how?

Best regards,

Hi Matthias,

Instead of “disable” you could vary the provided tabs depending on your application context: The TABSELInfo class contains exchangeItems() methods.

You could also let your application handle the selection of a specific tab: Use the reactOnSelect() method to implement application logic like: showing a popup to tell the user that this tab selection is not allowed.

Best Regards,

Hi Christine,
thanks for the answer.
I am afraid that not showing the tabsel or using a pop-up to notify the user is slightly against our gui stylguide.
Would be cool If there is another way (using style sheets???)
If anybody nows just tell me,.

Thanks anyways,