Behavior when pressing the TAB key on keyboard

Hi there,

I am trying to do the following thing.

Let’s say you have 4 Input Fields A, B and C, D.
Tabindex for A = 1
Tabindex for B = 2
Tabindex for C = 3
Tabindex for D = 4

Now you want B, C and D to be disabled in the beginning.
So I used the Binding - statusprop Attribute (lets say testStatus) and defined my own method inside my Adapter Code. The method is called getTestStatus and if lenfth of input of A > 0 it should become editable that moment or at least when exiting the input field by pressing TAB on keyboard. The moment a field control is disabled though, it jumps directly to the next editable control. So neither I manage to jump to my next Tabindexed Field which should be B, nor I manage to make it editable.

How can I use a keoboard listener in CAI ?

How can I make a field editable on demand?

Does anyone has experience with Keyboard handling?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Konstantin,
please use attribute FLUSH with FIELD/… in order to directly react on user leaving a changed field. Please have a look into the corresponding docu.