Rowtabarea - possibilty to use different colours for tabpage


is there a possibility to use different colours for the tabpages? E. g. the first tabpage should have a light grey tab and the second tabpage should have a dark grey tab…
And last but not least, it would be great if you could set this colour on runtime.

So, is there something like this (perhaps in the new designer)? I didn’t found anything in the online documentation.

Thanks in advance,

H. Johannes

…no. The tabs are two-colours only (selected/unselected) - and no chance to set at runtime.

We do not plan to add this feature to be honest… - you are the first to ask for. Of course you can add it as own control, but have to be familiar with HTML/Javascript.


OK, thanks. It was just a question of a customer… Now, I have to be creative :slight_smile: