System Requirements for webMethods 9 and 10

Hello community I hope you are all fine :slight_smile:

I am trying to run webmethods in some servers in a testlab environment but the problem is that everything runs very slow, I am upgrading certain things on the testlab but the result is always the same

I have search for system requirements on the web but I cannot find this information anywhere.

Does anybody here knows the system requirements or can link me to them?

Thanks in advance and thank you very much.

Hi Francisco Presas,
You can find the System requirements in


Hello @Manoj Jannu, thanks for your reply

What I am looking for is minimum/recommended system requirements such as CPU, RAM, Storage, etc etc.

If you or anybody can help me with this I will be grateful

Thanks in advance

Hi Francisco Presas,

You can find the System requirements for 10.2 and 9.10 in:

Similarly, you can find for other versions also.



when it comes to wM 10 I would either prefer 10.1 or 10.3 as long term stable versions.

wM 10.2 is a feature release with support limited to 1 year only.