SYSPOOL ...status TOLA

We upgraded last week to Natural 4.1.4 from Natural 3.1.5 and have found this problem. Reports closed with CLOSE PRINTER are not dispatched for printing. If an ET is after CLOSE PRINTER the report gets a TOLA (too late) status and it is not automatically printed but it needs a manual SD command from SYSPOOL.
Do we need to change our application print programs to do an ET prior to the DEFINE PRINTER …CLOSE PRINTER or is there a more GLOBAL way to do this.

Thank you for any help that you may privide

Hi Ron,

We got the same behavior after upgrading to NAT414. We had to add a CICS transaction which, launched at regular intervals, looks for reports in TOLA status (with USP0014N) and starts them (with USP0017N).

Hope this helps.



Thank you for your response. Due to the nature and complexity of our application this sounds like a good solution for us. Our CICS resources and knowledge are very limited. Could you share the specifics of the USP0014N/USP0017N as I am not familar with these. If not I understand and again thank you for your respose.


Hi Ron,

Here’s a copy of the programs we use. At this moment I can’t get my hand on the Cics part but I think they can be executed in any environment.

NAFASY.txt (5.73 KB)