Natural System Programer's Guide


where can I find info about all Natural User Exits?
I cannot locate a book like System Programer’s Guide


Natural’s user exits are not documented in a manual. Documentation is available on-line by entering the SYSEXT command.

User exits for Predict and Natural Security are documented in their respective manuals.

I’ve took a look on the SYSEXT and it is very helpfull. However I could not find the user exit I need. Is there any other user exit, perhaps inside the nucleus and written in assembler language, where I can intercept all WRITE and PRINT commands to redirect some of they?

can you explain a bit more of what you are trying to do? if you want to send your WRITE and PRINT commands to a file or whatever, just change your JCL. AFAIK there are not user exits provided to intercept these commands.

I cannot change the JCL because it’s online under CICS, so I’ll try relinking the nucleus to intercept WRITEs and PRINTs. Thanks

You didn’t answer Douglas’ question as to what it is you are trying to do, but, since you are asking about WRITE and PRINT statements in a CICS environment, I will presume that you are trying to capture an on-line report. You can do this, but it requires modification and recompilation of the source code.

At the beginning of the program, insert


The problem is that the report will no longer be visible online. It is directed to the source work area. You can see it by exiting the application to the NEXT prompt and issuing the Edit command.

yes, that is what I’m trying to do: CAPTURE the report. In this solution sent where is the report and how can I have it?

I repeat:

After executing the program that generates the report, get to the NEXT prompt and enter EDIT.

The report will be “in the editor,” as some say. You can save it as a Natural text module. Use a batch job to extract it to a sequential file, if you like.

Note that if you are using Natural 9 from NaturalOne, you won’t be able to “edit” the source work area (or “in the editor” as Ralph calls it), but you can still LIST it and SAVE it. You can also use the terminal command %C to capture a single screen to the source work area (if you just need an adhoc capture). %H=SOURCE will send the output to the source work area until you issue a %H- (see the Natural documentation for more options with %H).

Screen captures can also be done with %P, %I, %S, %E, %O terminal commands. Again, see the Natural docs.

There are software add-ons that enable you to print from CICS - you’ll need to check with your systems programmers to find out what options are available. Natural Advanced Facilities (NAF) and Entire System Server are two options from Software AG that may help if your installation has these or would be interested in acquiring them.

If you are using Entire Connection as your terminal emulator, you can redirect your printer output to a PC file (or printer).

Thank you Douglas and Ralph for your extensive and clear explanations. However I could not be so clear in my needs. In fact I’m the system programmer and I’m trying to develop a transparent solution that don’t need the user to enter in Natural environment and be able to send a report to a tcp/ip printer in my network.

Then it sounds like you really need Natural Advanced Facilities.

See the docs at and contact your local Software AG representative.

ok thank you