does anyone know if it is possible to protect SYSMAIN usage without NSC? as additional, the fuser directory is defined as rwxrwx—. I am not able to change this definition, because the user can access online the library and then use save / stow…commands.


No, it isn’t.

I guess about the only way would be to create your own frontend
using MAINUSER and disable SYSMAIN’s MENU program.

Hi Wolfgang,

you are saying that I need to rename mainuser, and then creating my own mainuser as frontend. is that it?


No, MAINUSER is the callable SYSMAIN interface.

In library SYSMAIN there is an example called MAINCALL, you can use this to
create your own frontend to the SYSMAIN functions.

Hi Wolfgang,

I am confusing now, I thought that the idea would be to change the name of Mainuser, and then create a frontend with a new mainuser where I can select the user that has access to execute Sysmain. After it, I would call the mainuser renamed.

On NAT open system, the sysmain is an option on logon, as well as ddm services.

My goal is to avoid some users use sysmain on Open System, without changing Linux/Unix directories permissions.


Just tried it myself, what I proposed doesn’t work anyway, sorry.

You will have to open a support incident for this, I’m afraid.