Protecting Library against SYSMAIN


Look at this scenario: Unix/Linux Environment - NAT and NSC installed.

Goal: Protecting a library against any changes, however, the users can use only the commands: LIST, READ, SCAN, EDIT and CHECK.

Using NAT + NSC, it is possible to protect the commands and to allow only the commands listed above.

On Linux/Unix, SYSMAIN is available for all libraries, and using this utility, it is possible to Copy, Move, Rename and the worst, Delete objects.

If the environment has no NSC, I think there is no way to protect the commands.

For any situation, I can only see a way, changing some Linux/Unix authority, such as using FILEDIR.SAG as R W - R - - R - - .

So, thinking first on the scenario - NAT+NSC, does anyone know how to protect it with no changing on Unix/Linux settings?

Thank you.

You can use NSC to protect/limit utilities, such as SYSMAIN.

Hi Ralph,

I know that it is possible to protect SYSMAIN and MAINUSER using NSC, the problem is, how to allow the users use SYSMAIN for any library but not for one specific. As far as I know, I can protect a different groups to use SYSMAIN, but I think it is not possible to protect only ONE library to be copied, moved etc…

Think: you have the LIB1,and NOONE can MOVE, COPY, RENAME, DELETE, IMPORT to this library, but you can allow the user to use SYSMAIN in any other libraries.

It seems, you can protect everything, or not.

Please, let me know if it is right, if no, please, let me know how can I protect ONLY the LIB1.


Did you take a look at the chapters

Library-Specific Utility Profiles


User-Library-Specific Utility Profiles


Hi Wolfgang,

It seems that protecting the Utility + Library Specific, it worked, I think I had done something wrong in my previous test where it was not working.

Anyway, thanks.