Selective access SYSSEC functions

We’re running Nat. 4.1.3 on a VSE mainframe with Natural Security.

Is there a way to give developers restricted access to SYSSEC in the development environment, allowing them to adjust library steplib sequences but not allowing them to do anything else, such as altering command restrictions or deleting libraries?


at least with Nat 4.1.4 it is possible to dynamically change the steplib table in a security environment. If a steplib entry in NatSec is ‘********’ it can be changed at runtime with USR1025/USR3025. See your natural docu under docu/english/natural/mf/nsc/nsc_lib_0070.htm#Steplibs


Unfortunately USR1025N and USR3025N won’t run when they detect that Natural Security is installed.

Paul G.

Sorry Paul, my mistake: for this purpose they have invented a new user exit: USR4025N in library SYSSEC (as you can read in the docu :wink:)