Download source and catalog object from FUSER under Natural

Hi Everyone,
I would like to know how can i download both source and catalog Natural element using SYSOBJH utility belongs to specific Library. I already used it and only downloaded the source Natural element. I did try a workaround using SYSMAIN utility but I could not done. The workfile I am trying to generate is for backup reason. Because take a BACKUP for specific library it was very urgent I did a very bad workaround, it was create a new library and copy on it all source and catalog elements.
I really appreciate your help, thanks in advance.


A library backup is straightforward:


Perhaps the problem is that you specified the TRANSFER parameter.


This indicates that the objects will cross platform boundaries. As such, cataloged objects are not unloaded, because they are incompatible with other platforms. In other words, mainframe objects may be loaded on other mainframe libraries, and Open Systems objects may be loaded on other Open Systems libraries. Only source (programming objects, DDMs, FDTs) may be TRANSFERred.

Hi Ralph,
I am affraid you are right. The transfer options is active, so I would like to know how can I inactive that options. Attach I will send you a document with the SYSOBJH start menu where you can notice the transfer box is marked but it’s not allow to change. How can I change it.

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Sorry I sent you a reply without the document. Here it comes
20070822 SYSOBJH transfer option is active.doc (47 KB)

It appears that Natural Security is the culprit. I don’t use NSC under Windows, but on the mainframe, I believe the default is to limit Object Handler to TRANSFER mode.

Have your NSC administrator use Utility Maintenance to create a user-specific utility profile for your user ID, setting the “Transfer only” flag to N.

Ok Ralph, let me check it and I will notify you anyway.
Thanks a lot, Regards