Syndicate Claims Message (SCM) and London Insurance Market Claims Message (LIMCLM) support


Is there any support in ESB for parsing/handling Syndicate Claims Messages (SCM)? How about London Insurance Market Claims Message (LIMCLM)? I am specially interested in webMethods 9.0 support.

[i]The SCM is an electronic message of claim advices transmitted via the London Insurance Market Network (LIMNet) or via the Lloyd’s Insurance Network (LIN).

The London Insurance Market Claims Message (LIMCLM) is a standard format for the transmission of claims advices and settlements via Information Exchange facilities within LIMNET.[/i]


I would suggest, please run this with SAG support/region rep by opening an SR and see if they advise you with alternate options…But as far I know these standards are not supported by any wM EDI module or other modules unless they have any web service routines exist.