OIOUBL EDI-format from EDIModule


Client wants to use OIOUBL EDI format. Google haven’t provided any information about support possibility in webMethods. The one thing what I have found is that OIOUBL is a subset of UBL 2.0

We are using webMethods Integration Server 7.1.3 and EDI Module with version 6.5.2 (without mentioned above format available in list of document types)

Since I’m not familiar with EDI formats, I hope that someone can help me on this thread, and can tell me how I could integrate this format.

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Please you should open a ticket with SAG tech support and check if they support this format part of EDI module and I think it was not supported and never heard with it.

Also do you have still extended maintenance contract for your 7.x env with them check it before hand?


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SAG webMethods doesn’t support this, but if you approach SAG with OIOUBL atleast they can think to implement this in new releases. Kindly update us once you interact with SAG.


Yes you should also put as a feature request in the SAG brain storm site and discuss the new standard with SAG support.


Hi all,

Many thanks for your replies regarding this call. So I have solved this question.

The OIOUBL is Danish customization of UBL 2.0 (also there exist a lot of customization in each country sectors). Also we had already implemented EHF conversion program (Norwegian customization of UBL 2.0) using xsd schema for CreditNote from UBL 2.0

So, the solution how to start handle the OIOUBL invoices, is to download UBL-Invoice-2.0.xsd and implement in package.

@rmg: No, the support contract with Software AG regarding maintenance IS 7.x is ended last year.



So what I see this is no relational/link with EDI Module for implementing this standard right?

How are you going to handle the parsing is it same as any other open-standard XML like OAGIS?



Yes, there no any dependencies with EDI module. I’m going to create document type in webMethods Developer using as source an xml schema. The parsing will be completed using following services (WmPublic package):

  1. pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode
  2. pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument
  3. pub.schema:validate

Then this IS document type going to be passed to flow service which makes conversion.



Thanks and it make sense and straight fwd like any other custom XML data processing.