Swap memory not coming down even after restart

Hi Team

I see the swap memory on one of the servers is not coming down even after the restarts.

We found that the below process is blocking the swap.

wmdir/jvm/jvm/jre/bin/java -d64 -server -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=9223372036854775807 -Xms2g -Xmx2g -

Looks like jvm process. I wanted to check if we can bring down the server, kill the process and then bring up the server or will killing the process cause issues in bringing up the server.

Hi Harish,

just shutdown the IntegrationServer.

The java processes should be ended automatically when shutdown completes.

Memory is only released upon clean shutdown of the processes.
When you select restart the IS instance is restarted in the same jvm process as the original start of the IS.

Which version of wM are you running on?


Hi Holger

Thank you for the response. We are running our IS on 9.7. The restart of the server isn’t helping in this case. Even after complete shutdown and start, we still see swap not coming down.

Hi Harish,

are you sure that this is a process for IntegrationServer?

There might be more java processes i.e. for MWS, SPM (Platform Manager).

Most of these products consist of 2 java processes: Tanuki Wrapper and the real server process.

After shutdown has completed can you check if there are additional java processes still running?

Can you proivde a screenshot of the output from top (or whatever tool you are using to determien the swap space usage)?


Hi Harish,

Have you installed Command Central as well?
If yes then you can see all the running instances there and you can do complete restart.

Syed Faraz Ahmed