SVN setup

I’m looking for an easy straightforward SVN setup and ABE in a small dev team. Today we are using one dev environment and I like to keep it that way.

Can we do this using subersive plug in for Desinger? Or do we also need Desinger workstation that will cost us extra licenses?

If you have any experience in this pls share with me.

Hi David,

which wM version are you using?

There are two plugins for SVN for Eclipse/Designer which are using different types of Java Libraries for connecting to SVN:

  • Subversive
  • Subclipse

As Subversive failed to load its Java-SVN library correctly I am using Subclipse for Designer 9.5 SP1 and Designer 9.7 RCP POC.
Without Workstation/Local Service Development it will become difficult to check in IntegrationServer services, documents etc.

I am not quite sure but for the recent versions starting with 9.10 or 9.12 Workstation is included by default in the product suite as these release start focussing on repository builds rather than runtime builds in Deployer.

The WmVCS/WmSubversion feature for IntegrationServer has some requirements which will not be met by our companies SVN Administration.
But if you are running/administering your own SVN server you might be able to get this configured.
See proper Users Guide (Configuring_the_VCS_Integration_Feature) from Empower for details.


Hi Holger,

We are currently on 9.9.

I would like to go with the designer plug-in alternative so I need to investigate if its possible in 9.9 or if we have to wait for next upgrade to 9.12.

Do you have any experience using the plug-in, how would the workflow look like for the developers using one central dev environment?


Hi David,

we are currently running wM 9.5 SP1 and use the Subclipse plugin from for Designer to check in ProcessModels, CAF UIs and Tasks to Subversion.

As we are currently not licensed for Designer Workstation/Local Service Development, we are not checking in services, doc types, triggers etc.