Using source version control (plug-in)

According to the documentation SPoD supports source version control via a plug-in. Has anyone ever used this plug-in on sources from the mainframe (NDV server)?

How did you use it? Did you create branches? How did you cope with the shortcomings or was the current implementation sufficient?

Kind regards,
Rudolf de Grijs


I use the SVN-Plugin on OpenSystem, but I think there is no differenz between OpenSystem and mainframe. The Plugin only exporting the Sources to the Windows filesystem.

I think source version control is very useful, but the handling with SPoD isn’t very good.

The best way is to export all files that I touched at the end of the day. I used the FIND Object/SCAN-Utility to find all files where I’m the User and I haved saved that day.

Finally I broke up, because the workflow was to “buggy”.

Now I’m exporting very night alle files that I have touched in my Home directory.
I cut the rownumbers and copy the files into my SVN-Repository. Now I can commit my source code files.

I only use the scan and export via Plugin on files, that I want directly to commit.

Markus Wessjohann

THere is a difference between OpenSystems and Mainframe - the latter keeps the Natural objects in an Adabas system file while it resides on the file system on OpenSystems.

This makes it immediately obvious that external version control systems like SVN or CVS can not really be tied into a mainframe environment, not even via SPoD, simply because it doesn’t store any sources locally.

Hmm, we are on Open Systems (Solaris). From a developer’s point of view (working on Win) the sources are not stored locally, too…