CVS and local versioning

I have been testing the local versioning concept in SPOD in conjunction with CVS and all is working extremely well apart for one small thing. I have created multiple version of a Natural program in my CVS (AIX) repository, however when I use the LV (check out & import) function to retrieve an object from the CVS Server, I always get the latest version. Is it not possible to retrieve an older version by a selection method.

The Local Versioning Plug-In does not support to checkout a special revision of a Natural source out of a CVS repository. I am aware of it and there may be the decision to provide it in a forthcoming version.
A workaround could be to perform the CVS checkout manually and do the “Import into Natural” with the Local Versioning Plug-in afterwards.
The Natural source must be checked out into the workspace, defined by the local versioning plug-in. The commands to do that could look like:

cd c:/programms/softwareag/Natural/workspace

cvs -d :pserver:uid@cvsmachine/repos checkout -r 1.4 -d projFolder\natlib\SRC\ cvsModule/natlib/SRC/natsrc.nsp

You may also have look into the file CVS_CO_OBJ.CMD in the