Suppressing server errors on Exit Signal Failure

Hi All,

I have a top level flow service (A) that calls a lower level flow service (B) repeatedly. I want (B) to be able to exit and signal failure; then I want (A) to handle that failure. This works well with the standard Try-Catch flow sequence in the calling service (A).

However, the “exit flow signal failure” ALSO has the unwanted effect of producing a server error every time. Is there anyway to suppress that server error? Since function (B) can potentially fail multiple times, and I’m handling the error logically, I don’t want to see hundreds of errors in the error log for this handled exception.

Am I doing something wrong, or is that just how it works?




You can put a try catch in the function B and exit on Success from function B. However in this case your error handling becomes more complex, since you should have a error variable in your pipeline and then evaluate it in function A. Then you can error out based on the evaluation result.

However the recommended way would be like what you are doing currently.

-Rajesh Rao