submitting flatfile via http

Hi All,

I tried to submit a flatfile using pub.client:http. I have set the following properties.

url: url of the service which i am going to invoke
method: post
data.sting: flatfile content
header.Content-Type: application/x-wmflatfile
auth.user: username
auth.pass: password

the invoked service has the input ffdata object and the service is invoked properly since i am getting logs. My problem is i have not been receiving the ffdata.

Could anyone help in this issue? i am beginner in webMethods i have followed whatever given in flatfile documentation.

Thanks in advance

if ffdata exists, you can call: pub.mime:createMimeData to parse it as Mime data, you can try to process mimeData/part/content as stream (converting it to bytes if you want to handle it as bytes, or further to String)