Subclipse - what to put into version control?

I have Subclipse installed in my Designer.

When right-clicking on the package in Package Navigation view which I wan’t to put into version control I can’t see the “Team” option.

In Package Exlorer I get the “Team” option. This package has the [localhost_5555] after the package name.

Im confused about what to put into version control. All stuff I have developed is in the package, there are no adapters or connectors.

In case if you want to share your existing Integration Server Packages to VCS system, you need to connect to the embedded Integration server & right click on the project from Package Navigator view, then select the option ‘Create Local Service Development Project’, which will enable you to select the VCS system where you want to share your project.

Once you connected to VCS system, you will be able to commit the changes next time for the shared package via Team option itself.

For more detail, you can refer the guide (Chapter - Using the Local Service Development Feature).


Also, there are some nice videos/articles available on ‘Service Designer: working with VCS system”, please refer the below links for more details.


(Check - Integrating a Version Control System (VCS) with webMethods Service Designer)


The SVN use cases will be little bit different but the project sharing & working with them will be same & I hope this will help you to get started.


Awesome. “Create Local Service Development Project” enabled all normal Subclipse functions after selecting a repo. ?

Yes, please provide the SVN repo & share the project, rest of the SVN use cases will work appropriately based on the Eclipse plug-in VCS client behavior. For any specific information related to Subclipse plug-in, you may need to refer to the specific vendor guide.