VCS with Subversion and WM8

Hello together,

we are about to evaluating WM8 and its VCS by using Subversion. But we get some problems, and in our point of view its seems, that this feature does not working 100% correctly.

So, here is a little description what we did until now:

  1. We have configured the VCS in the IS Admin console and it works fine.
  2. We tried to add a create a new package. This package should automatically added to subversion. This is the information we get out of the documentation. But it is not working!

We get the following error?
is not a working copy. Cannot open /.svn/entries

We took a look in the subversion repository and we saw the package was not added to the repository. Now here is my question.

If we create a new package, the vcs should import the package automatically into the subversion repository and invoke a checkout as second step. Is that right? Only than it is a working copy and the vcs can work with it.

Does anyone have experience with the vcs feature of webMethods?

Thanks in advance

after creating the package , you should apply check in , then only the package will be in subversion.


We have tried the checkin Method. But we get still the same error as described above. We have read the documentation (Storing_Services_in_a_VCS). There is written:

“any new packages (or the supported elements within
them) that you create in Developer will be automatically added to the VCS and marked
as checked out”.

So, we also tried adding a new service or a package, but it was not working and we get the same error. As test, we have used a third party tool (tortoise) to bring the package in subversion. After that action, we were possible to change a service and invoke the checkin Method in Developer to commit the changes to the repository.

We think, that the function “adding new Services or Packages to the repository” is not working at the moment with WmVCS.

Does everybody working with this VCS feature of webMethods? or give us some hints to fix the problem? maybe it is a configuration problem?


Hi Ibachert. I have tortoise in my company and I cannot work with this throug webmethods. Do you know about some adapter to work with tortoise.
Thanks in advance.


you can use the VCS Plugin of webMethods. But on our system we have a little trouble with it.

If you have access to all folders or packages within webMethods installation you can use tortoise. What is your problem?

Hi, thanks for your response. Technically I dont know how to connect IS with Tortoise. This is something new for me.


you can not connect with tortoise to the integration Server. Tortoise is a third party tool to work direct on the file system.
With tortoise you can browse trough the Subversion repository an say please checkout the package to the path where the Integration Server has its packages. It is totally independent from webMethods.
The only thing you need is to have access to the file system of your integration server.
And as second step you can e.g commit a service to the subversion repository.

I have added a screenhot to see how to commit a service with tortoise and how it is working.

Best regards

Lars Bachert

Great! I understand now. Thanks a lot for you help!!
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