Stub traces on Windows - Where are they?

Stub traces is often a fast way to track applications errors.
But what is not so fast, is to find that … trace file.
The location of the trace file is dependant of the stub version, and with several thousands that may vary from client to client.
Does anybody have a table showing where a given version puts the trace file?

Hi Steen,

on Windows there are only 2 variations (that’s what I’m aware of :wink: ):

Before EXX 7.1 the traces have been written to the working directory of the Windows application (executable). Starting with 7.1 the traces are written to %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Software AG\EntireX.


you are probably right 8=)

It might be the variable %USERPROFILE% that causes the confusion.
Sometimes it even points to a network share! :shock: