stringToSoapData performance issue

In WM 6.1 WM IS Build-In Services Reference, there is a note about the above service, quoted below:
“This service is comvenient way to produce a SOAP object during development and testing. It is not meant to be used for production purposes becuase it doesn’t not ensure that a valid SOAP message is produced. Additionally, producing a SOAP object from a String is very time-consuming process. For production purpose, we recommend that you create SOAP objects with the such as pub.soap.utils:getHeader and pub.soap.utils:getBody”

I have been thinking of ways to how to do that and found out that getHeader and getBody itself require the soapData as input.

I would like to come up a very clean way of implement stringToSoapData, any ideas?

Thanks everyone for your time.


What are you trying to do ? In most scenarios I had to convert soapdatatostring for logging/debugging. Curious to know about your scenario.