String Exception

I have a very large file(3-5MB) which I try convert to webmethods String ,but the webmethods gives a StringOutOfBoundException.
The wedMethods String is not capable of holding such large data.
Could anyone suggest any solution to this problem.

The IOAdapter has a “Delimited Output” operation which will segment the file.

For Integration Server, a “webmethods string” is a Java String. Java String objects are limited to java.lang.Integer.MAX_VALUE.

For Enterprise Server, a string in an event may have a maximum limit but I’ve been unable to verify that. In any case, you’ll be limited by the API used to interact with the event. If you use the Java API, or an adapter written in Java, the maximum length string you can create or read will be java.lang.Integer.MAX_VALUE. If you use the C API, or an adapter written in C, you’ll be limited by the C run-time for allocating contiguous memory–which I believe will be somewhat less than 3-5 MB.

To offer tips on how to address this size issue, we’ll need more details as to what you’re trying to do. Peter’s suggestion to use the IOAdapter may indeed be the solution, assuming you’re using Enterprise.

I must be smoking something to not recognize that a Java String should indeed be able to be rather huge.

java.lang.Integer.MAX_VALUE is 2,147,483,647 which of course is large enough to hold your 3-5MB of data (which would be 5,242,880 bytes).

How specifically are you processing the 3-5MB file?

Does not sound like it. I processed XML 4-6MB in B2Bi
it can handle it but it takes a bit of time. 3-5mb
does not sound out of reach.
tringOutof bound sound more like you have a java
service doing substring out of length?


how was this solved , Johnson