STOWed a GDA by mistake

Hi… I STOWed a GDA by mistake. This GDA is being used by many programs and I do not want to STOW all the programs using this GDA. Please suggest how can I undo the GDA STOWing I made by mistake?


The only way to “undo” this is to restore the GP (the STOWed object) from
a backup or copy it from another library where it has the same timestamp
as the overwritten object.

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Thanks Winter… might be a silly question but it just slept out of my mind

  1. How to copy a Natural program from one library to another ? And
  2. How to restore the GP (the STOWed object) from a backup or copy it from another library?
  3. How to see the timestamp of any STOWed object?

Thankyou so much for your help.

Hi Shashank,

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Thanks but I do not want to join any course now. I have already worked a lot with Natural 1 years back. I’m just recalling things again and if I’m missing something I’m taking help of the forum.

Use the SYSMAIN utility.

Same answer as above, but to restore from a backup the FUSER must be restored (to a different
file) first, then copy the object to your current system file.

Use the LIST DIR command.

2a Wolfgang described the procedure using an Adabas backup of the FUser file.

2b If the backup was created by Object Handler (SYSOBJH), then use that utility to load the selected module directly from the backup file to the Natural library.

Thanks Ralph,

very valid point, although I don’t know any mainframe sites using SYSOBJH
for backups … probably not a too bad idea and more sites should do.

SYSOBJH will take longer, but there are advantages:

  • no file locking issues
  • selection criteria (libraries, objects, etc)
  • TRANSFER option allows load to mainframe or Open Systems (but the mainframe unload will take much longer)

Right, but in TRANSFER mode you can’t unload GPs, i.e. only sources can be “backed up”,
thus it won’t help in this case to restore a STOWed GDA to get it back with the original