Storing system properties with TN ?


This is my first and probably not last post on this forum. I started using webMethods a couple of weeks ago, and got pushed into a project right away where nobody has a big experience about webMethods and TN.

I have a question concerning trading networks. I understand that basically you can send documents to it, that will be processed, and from it you can get another document in response.

But what we want here is to use TN as a way to store some configuration properties. That is, store a file ONCE, and later on we can ask to access the file and get the configuration.

Is this a correct use of TN? Or a misusage of it?

What I want is to request for the file information, and automatically have a document filled in Developer, the document containing all the fields present in the XML file I would have stored in TN.

Thank you in advance

Well in your scenrio … if you want to use TN the best thing will be to store your all configurations in TPA (trading partner agreements).

But to be honest if the requirement is only to store and retrieve some configurations, you does not need TN for that… probably u should store all these config’s in a config file place in your package in developer and you can load whenver you need them in flow.

Thanks for your answer!
Yes indeed after looking into it, the TPA seems to be what I was looking for. It allows to store any type of string/document that we create in Developer, so even complex structure can be stored.

I also wonder if TN is really needed for storing such configuration, but at least that helps me practicing with it!


Francois, I also suggest taking a look at the repository service. i.e. the WmPublic/* services