Step error is not appear in process instance

When we get into failed process instance and failed step, we don`t see the error displayed at “Step Errors” section; Whereas we can see the perror document in the pipeline of the failed step. And we can see the error record in the Database.

Do we need to enable any settings to display the error message in “Step Errors” section.

Log level of the model is kept at “5 - Process and all steps” and “RESUBMIT” is enabled in all activity steps.

Please put an error step in your process model, which will catch all the errors from your process model.
you can write your own error handling service and can call the same in your error step in your process model.

This might be helpful for you.


Thanks for the reply.
We do have error step but I don’t know how to log the step error in MWS. Is there a way to specify in the step?

try using the service pub.log.ActivityMessage. This service helps in logging custom messages and their types(error/success/warn) to IS Core audit.

Are you calling a flow service in your error step? if yes please try with getLasterror and store the last error. it should display the error message.