Status ignoredvery urgent

while i am sending documents through trading trading works its recognizing sender and receiver id and document type but its aborting the action …plz help me


This means the TN processing Rule which you have defined based on the Sender/Receiver/DocumentType criteria is not triggering properly and so it is choosing Default rule and ultimately this will "Set user status of the document to ‘IGNORED’.

So Please check the following to get issue resolve:

1)Check if the particular ProcessingRule is enabled?
2)Check if the ProcessingRule is not below the Default Rule.Make it to TOP.
3)Check if the created ProcessingRule criteria (Sender/Receiver/DocumentType)is matching according to the routed document.


Hello Sudha,

Another reason for this happening may be because of the fact that the user with which you logon to the IS is not the same as the recognized sender of the document in TN. This usually results in a security violation and the document processing is aborted. Please double check if the login user and recognized sender of the document in TN are the same.

-Rajesh Rao