Starting with JSP

I am attempting to start using JSP with wM, and have followed the instructions in the PDF very carefully. However, when I try to open the JSPs in WmSamples, the page doesn’t display and I get this error in the server log:

[ISS.0100.0005E] Web Container error encountered: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/tools/javac/Main:StandardWrapperValve[jsp]: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception

Where do I start finding out what is wrong?



Do you have any solution, am experiencing the same problem…


Can you see the servlet.jar file in the classpath? You can determine this by clicking the “ABOUT” link and checking out the classpath. No servlet.jar, no JSP.




Hm Interesting I do not have servlet.jar in my classpath in the about link but JSP is working for me


“tools.jar” (current JDK version) needs to be copied to IS class path <home/lib/jars>, its working now…