JSP pages in 6.0

I saw the ‘How to get JSP pages to work on Wm 6.0’ thread, which got me started, but I can’t get my pages to work right…

My package is called NoMilUdm, the JSPs are put directly inside the web folder (no zipping into wars), the URL I use in my browser for testing is http://localhost:5555/web/NoMilUdm/.

I see that the server reacts to the request, as the browser loads index.html and is redirected to the index.jsp page. However the content I get from that is a blank page, and the server log states a rather uninformative
[ISS.0100.0005E] Web Container error encountered: :StandardWrapperValve[jsp]: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception
[ISS.0100.0005E] Web Container error encountered: ISConnector.invoke:java.lang.NullPointerException

I originally had a minimal web.xml that works with OC4J, but I got a 500 internal server error until I filched the one in the WmSamples package and replaced it. I don’t know if there is something in particular I have to change in the file, could this be the problem?

Also, I import and use some classes from a jar file that lies under code/jars in the package. Will the web engine be able to find it?

Finally, I can’t disable or reload my package anymore, now that I’ve put JSP files inside the web folder and tried to access them. The shutdown service runs fine, but that’s it. In fact, the entire server process hangs during shutdown, when it comes to the WmTomcat package’s shutdown service.

I’m not sure I can really help without actualling seeing the jsp file, but I have seen the Web Container error. Make sure that you are closing all of the jsp tags that you open. For instance for every
<webm:invoke serviceName=“wm.administrator.user:updatePassword”>
you need a

Try running the Sample to see if it works, the url is:


My thanks for a quick response, and apologies for my tardy response in turn.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to give you the JSP in question, as I work in the defence, and it is unclear whether the content is classified. Hardly a very secret kind, we’re publishing it on the intranet after all, but still…

I’ve fiddled around with one of the pages, and narrowed it down to problems with the jar file. After searching further in the IS JSP guide, I found that the jar would need to be within the WEB-INF/lib folder. I’ll need to make small changes to cope with the added “web/” in the URL, but otherwise they’re okay now I copied the jar there.

Which leaves only the problem of WmTomcat hanging package reloads and server restart/shutdown after trying to access a jsp that results in a compilation error. This problem is not critical, after all we write perfect pages ;), but still an issue which ought to be addressed at some time.

“Which leaves only the problem of WmTomcat hanging package reloads and server restart/shutdown after trying to access a jsp that results in a compilation error.”

Have these two issues been reported to support@webmethods.com?
I have reloaded WmTomcat and my packages containing JSPs and not had a problem, but my app is rather simple. It would be good to nails these.


No, I haven’t reported the issues to support, and I don’t really want to get much involved now that it works for us, sorry.

Reloading package/restarts (it’s the same issue, not two) work fine as long as you haven’t accessed a JSP that won’t compile. Accessing good JSPs creates no problem, my IS reloads/restarts fine now. I think also that it works if you change the JSP so it compiles and access it again before trying the restart, but I haven’t tested this enough to be sure. Possibly, only compilation issues pertaining to missing classes/jars creates a problem.