starting a bussiness process by an ebXML payload v 1.0 docum


i have my starting step subscribed to a modified ebXML payload document, for making this document i copied default ebXML paylaod [ESEBXL.000001.000008] ( in TN ) and added an XQUERY for identifying this document on :
/soap:Envelope[0]/soap:Header[0]/eb:MessageHeader[0]/eb:Description = …

the problem is that this modified payload is not recognized by the TN and the does not start the process.

I tried also by subscribing to the default payload , but the result was negative.I wonder if the ConversationId is extracted automatically or should be identified in the “document types” on the TN ?!

and finally,should the starting step of a process model subscribing to an ebXML payload, use a correlation service?

Any comment would be highly appreciated.