StarOffice 6.1. available as download/CD

Dear Colleagues,

New download versions are / will be made available at:

SuSE Personal Edition 8.2 will be available for Software AG internal use and will ship after release, very probably in about 4 - 6 weeks.

SuSE Enterprise Server 8.0 can be shipped to certain departments for non productive purposes (QA of Software AG products, sales support) beginning of next week.

Sun StarOffice
Star Office 6.1 >> BETA << including ADABAS D 12.01 will be made available on Linux, Solaris and Windows beginning of next week.

All versions are covered by certain cooperation agreements, please refer to the restrictions published on the download site together with the file descriptions.

Kind Regards

Johannes Richard Roemann
Manager Technology Alliances
phone: (+49) 6151 92-1636
fax: (+49) 6151 92-1614