SSO between Task service and MWS

Hi All,

We have a CAF application which is used to interact with the webMethods tasks on Task Engine. To interact with the task Engine we have been using Task webservice. The task web service requires credentials of a user who has full access to the task. We have been passing the ‘sysadmin’ user credentials and we are storing the details in config.

But we want to change this approach as this is essentially sharing the details of sysadmin. The ideal way would be to pass the details of the users who have logged in on the fly. But the password is not stored anywhere.

So, is there a way to enable SSO (as we have between MWS and IS) between MWS and Task Engine so that we dont have to pass the credentials of the logged inuser again to the Task Service?

Note: Using Task API is another way but that is a huge change for us. Plus not all task clients are CAF based, so it’s not that feasible.

Thanks in Advance,
Ninad Patil

In order to enable SSO, open the MWS console with sysadmin and go to

Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > NTLM Authentication Administration

and enter the name of your primary domain controller.

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