SQL server 2012 Support

Hi All,

Could you please help me the below query?

we have wM 8.2 environment with SQL server R2 management studio 2008, now we have a requirement to upgrade the Database to SQL server 2012.

Now my query is, do I need start the complete installation from scratch for webMethods 8.2 with SQL server 2012 or just create the schema (existing schema in old DB server (SQL sever 2008)) to new DB server with changing the JDBC pools in IS is enough?

I believe we can create all table for CoreAudit, InternalAudit, archive, centralusers etc with help of DB configurator with new DB server then pointing the IS to new DB server will help us the problem.

Please advise.

Your help is most appreciated.

Please help me ASAP.


You don’t need to reinstall webMethods to use SQL Server 2012. However: you will need to apply SCG_8.2_SP2_DataDirect5.0_Fix1 to all servers running webMethods which connect to the [updated] SQL Server 2012 database. You apply this fix using the Update Manager BUT you need to follow the post-update instructions in the fix readme as there are a number of manual steps that need to be done after the fix has been applied and before the servers (IS, MWS etc) are restarted.