SQL Database connectivity with webmethods

We are trying to configure driver for SQL Server 2012 with webmethod 10.1, we have been following the below url


We already have a database created that we are tying to connect but we are getting error on IS. i have attached the error in attachments.

Can anyone please explain what is the issue here?

For your screenshot, did you install the Microsoft SQL JDBC driver, (you can download the jars from microsoft sites)

Place the Java classes for the JDBC driver in a location that Integration Server can
access, typically the server’s classpath.

To place the classes in the server’s classpath, place the .zip or .jar file containing
the classes in the Integration Server_directory\instances\instance_name \packages
\WmJDBCAdapter\code\jars directory.

Restart Integration Server.
The server automatically adds

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Hi ,

a reload of the package WmJDBCAdapter on the active instance should be sufficient in this case.

If you want these jars to automatically by added to newly created instances in this installation directory add them to IntegrationServer/packages/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars as well.

When downloading from microsoft sites check for sqljdbc od mssqljdbc, recent version should by or newer.

As Wm 10.1 runs on JVM 8 you should use the mssql-jdbc-6.2.2.jre8.jar (replace 6.2.2 with the version you have downloaded).


Thanks for the support.
i was putting .jar files in wrong directory. Now its working fine with me.
Thanks everyone.