Split up stats log file in 9.5 webMethods IntegrationServer

Dear All,

We are using 9.5 webMethods IntegrationServer. In this server.log is rotating every day at mid night 12:00 AM.
But stats.log is not rotating. Below are the current config settings for stats.log in server.cnf file.


We would wanted to rotate stats.log as well along with server.log file at same time. Kindly help on this.

Thanks in advance !!

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So you mean stats.log is not getting creating new file every day AM and continues in the old file?


Yes… The logs are continuing on old stats.log. we wanted to generate a new stats.log likewise server.log during midnight

Can you pl check this suggestion:


The IS system task “Statistics Log” should execute service “pub.event.stats:logToFile” in regular intervals (default 60 secs). Review system task status in IS Admin > Server > Scheduler > View System Tasks.

The task has low priority in IS and when IS resources become very limited, IS internally kicks out the “Statistics Log” system task. This is by design and no problem or bug. So verify if something that was very IS resource intense (in terms of thread allocation, CPU usage, JVM full garbage collection etc.) was going on at the time where stats data is missing.

Also check the current subscription status of “Statistics Log” system task by running service pub.event:getSubscribers and enter input “Stat Event”. If the subscription is disabled the stats.log file is not populated any more.
You can later re-enable the subscription in Designer > Service Development perspective. Click on a Server Node --> Properties and change “Enabled” setting to “true” for event type “Stat Event”.

Based on the above if still an issue raise a ticket with SAG as part of 9.5 setup issues.


I think this is the new default behavior of this log since 9.0 release.
open a ticket with SAG to see if it can be enabled.

I have not seen this in 901 at least…interesting: :frowning: