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Cloudstreams: Salesforce REST Provider v51 (webMethods version 10.5) with Cloudstreams Fix 033

Query: I have been trying to use the CustomESBService to refresh access token where grant type is password. This is because the Salesforce system that we integrate with uses username and password along with consumer id and secret. So, trying to refresh access token using CustomESBService option instead of URLBodyString or QueryString.

Now, to do the above we need to strictly follow the specification predefined, namely: “wm.cloudstreams.service.common.lookup.specs:oauthTokenRefreshServiceSpec for OAuthv2.0 Authorization Code Flow.”

Here, I would like to receive the username and password as I am not using refresh token for the trigger from IS towards this service which will refresh access token as currently, we are storing the user and pass are stored in the config. But it would be best to have it dynamically. So, can this be made possible? I found the “customFields” doc in the input of the specification as in the below snapshot.

Below is the salesforce connector advanced settings from where these data to input flows:

Can we somehow set it up for username and password to flow to the input similar to rest of them, or is it only possible if we newly create a connector using the cloud stream provider developer?

Hoping for all the responses and thank you!

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