Special Characters are not displayed

Hello, I’m using JSF-Converters in portlets to transform technical strings into readable values (String replacement).

The problem I have come across is, that special characters (for example ä,ü,ö) are displayed as squares on the page (‘�’).

If I do not use them in java code but in the views or externalized property files, the chars are displayed correctly.

I think this must be a misconfiguration issue, but I have no clue what I have to change.

Best regards,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue, but i’ve attached a simple portlet app that demonstrates it working correctly for me. Could you have a look and see if this reproduces the issue in your environment please?

If not, perhaps you can try to alter the sample app to reproduce the issue you are seeing.


PS: I realize that I’m using a custom converter, so perhaps that is the key difference.
I18NTestApp.zip (8.74 KB)