Encoding problem

On some pages I have form fields that must be filled with non-english words having some diacritical marks like “ą”, “ę”.
After sending the form to the server, the page refreshes and the browser displays the content in read-only.
Words with diacritical marks are displayed in strange encoding.

The problem only appears on JSP generated pages.
Source pages have UTF-8.

I don’t know if it’s a framework issue or maybe a tomcat problem? :frowning:

Maybe someone have a similiar issue?

PS. I attach two screenshots with the described example.


Maciej, it sounds like a browser/tomcat problem.

Tanya, have you any idea what might be wrong with the browser/tomcat?

Because when I run the same screen in the browser as an instant type not as JSP generated, the problem with encoding doesn’t appear.

I finally solved the issue by adding to the web application an encoding filter and configured it in web.xml file :smiley: