SPATs using w/STPRBE and UEXITB get 0C4's

SPATs work fine with standard control block info being returned, but I’m trying to implement STPRBE to get the ISN, Userid and other Natural info.

So, I’ve made installation changes per the instructions to implement UEXITB and linked it to the ADALNK with the EQU 256 changes but when I make the call to STPRBE to get 0C4’s, ADAN9I 00001 TSP SUBSYSTEM(01) RET-CODE 400C4000

I did not make any changes to UEXITB, just ASM/LNK the source provided by SAG. Our sys progs have no idea, what am I missing?

Hi Don,

A S0C4 can have several reasons. From my point of view it would be helpful to contact support and let them check everything.

It might be a problem with RENT and REUS options. Here some information:
The Natural shared nuc can be RENT,REUS
The Natural non-shared nucleus cannot be REUSABLE (each subtask
needs to have it’s own copy of the natural nucleus and adalnk).
The Natural dependent nuc can not use RENT.REUS (the piece that has STPNAT) linked in.
The ADALNK that ADATSP uses also cannot use RENT or REUS.

Additional I found in our knowledgebase the problem that the Natural module NATCONFG was missing.

But there might be a lot of other possibilities. A dump would also be very helpful :wink: