Spaces in the html URL params

I have spaces in my URL params. If I replace spaces with ‘%20’ charecter it is working fine.

But I don’t want to do that as there can be any other charecters also.
So is there any service that I can inoke in wM which converts these charectors to URL friedly charecters (eg: space to %20)


Do I need to pass the complete URL to this FS?
For eg:
I have:
name3=value3&name4=<?xml version=“1.0”>…

Since there is a space between “xml” anbd “version”, http call is failing. Even when I include the whole URL in “pub.string:URLEncode”, I am still having this problem. If I change the space between “xml” anbd “version” to ‘%20’ then it works. Is there any other FS to do this or I don’t have any other choice other than doing search and replace all occurances of space to %20?

Do a http “post” instead of http “get”. Post all of your variables through the body instead of the url. You don’t need to do any encoding then…

Why are you building the URL yourself? Review the description of pub.client:http. You don’t need to do URL creation or encoding yourself. Let the http service do it for you.

You can do “get” and not have to do the encoding yourself. Let the built-in service do the work for you!