Record names with spaces


I have to load a flat file with a format like this:
30 test
40 test 2
50 test 3

I simply want to create a record or record list named " 30 ", not “30”. When I save it or rename it, Developer trims the spaces at the beginning and at the end. Is there a way to tell WM not to trim spaces ?

Thanks !

you can accomplish using template (having fixed length) or using
java service…


We got around this issue by putting in “filler” fields in the template. Some places the Developer UI will let you leave spaces, some places it won’t - from my experience, it’s best to avoid having to use them if you can. Especially when you can’t figure out why " 20 " isn’t matching up with “20” - it can get tricky to spot this kind of problem.


I strongly suggest you follow Greg’s suggestion of using the Fillers and only having your record show up “30” vs. " 30 ". Having the spaces will cause you grief.
I completely agree with Greg.

My 2cents.