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Please let me know the answers for following questions :
1. If i am reading 10 duplicte records(10 + 10 =20) using FIND statement, what will be the *counter and *number?
2. How to change particular natural error in program?
3. How to load the data in adabas database?
4. How to use workfiles?
5. If i am calling subprogram from main program, and in subprogram if i change the values of fields passed from main program, will it afect main program?
6. Some important adabas errors?

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Answers to all your questions:

Education, Education, Education.

Not advanced education, basic education.

For example, *NUMBER always tells you the number of records that satisfy a WITH clause. *NUMBER never changes throughout a FIND loop.

*COUNTER does the same thing everywhere, it counts iterations of a loop (FIND, READ, HISTOGRAM). Records that “flunk” a WHERE clause are not counted.

What is a “duplicate record”. Give an example with a FIND statement.

This is a day 1 topic in any introductory Natural class. You should ask your company to provide you with such a class.


Hi Steve,

I went through the documentation but I didn’t get the answers for above questions.

Say the Find query looks like this :

where name = ‘RAMOS’
DISPLAY *number *counter

Assume there are 3 RECORDS having duplicates.
For example : NAME CITY PIN

Steve is referring towards understanding the concepts and not just going through the documentation and finding answers to your questions. Documents will not have your questions documented as it is.

Well, to answer you specific question (according to your example)

*NUMBER should have no. of records matching CITY = ‘PARIS’ so 2 as per your example.
*COUNTER should have an iteration value i.e. no. of times a loop (FIND in your case) is executed.

My 2 cents on this topic, since I frequently browse these forums and another one that concentrates on IBM mainframe topics (which includes Natural).

My pet peeve is when someone crossposts to both forums and misrepresents the reason for their posting in one or the other forum (at least in my opinion). I pointed this out for another individual several months ago, some may remember.

This particular individual (JOSEPH) posted in the “other” forum the same set of questions, however he was a bit more up-front with the reason for the posting, in that the subject line in that forum was “Few interview questions in Natural?”.

See the posting at:

Now, I don’t have a problem with posting questions to this forum but I do feel that the person should be forthright if these are interview questions. The people (like Steve) I see posting answers here are doing it (I believe) to help the poster do their job when an impasse is reached. Helping to prepare for an interview is not what this forum is all about (again, my opinion only).

That being said, I’m sure that many would still respond to a posting about interview questions and those responses would likely be more appropriately phrased knowing the real topic.

Given the list and nature of the questions, I wonder why JOSEPH is even considering an interview for a position requiring Natural expertise. As Steve says, the topics are day 1 (morning 1?) of an introductory course and if one doesn’t know the answers to them (or at least find the answers themselves) they would not/should not last 5 minutes in a technical interview.

OK, I’ve got that off my chest - that’s all from Sgt. Stadanko of the CPP (Cross-Posting Police). Time for a day off and some bass fishing.

Good post, EddieVH.

The sad thing is that when people seek help like this with the hopes of faking their way through an interview, it adds to the collective cynicism and unfortunately also solidifies tendencies to paint all people of certain national citizenship with the same broad brush. Just about every experienced practitioner of this field (Adabas/Natural) has in one way or another been affected by the offshore outsourcing trend, and some were even forced to train their less-experienced replacements in not only the applications and business processes but also in Natural basics.

Time has passed since the worst of this was going on, even though offshore outsourcing will always be around. Many companies have a respectful vendor-client relationship and good management practices that result in good work being produced by sufficiently-experienced development staffs. However, from time to time you still find the vendor who has no integrity who sells you on their team of seasoned veterans that they try to recruit after they ink the deal, while behind the scenes they hope to find someone who can at least spell N-A-T-U-R-A-L to do the work.

Speaking of integrity matters, “JOSEPH” signed his name as Rohan… probably a name he picked working at the call centre. Though I should also mention… I doubt you are really Eddie Van Halen. :slight_smile:

All this is to make the point to not hold it against everyone from India that JOSEPH was trying to fool everyone, and to not discourage people like Ats from coming here for help in asking the good questions he does.

…and you aren’t the lead singer of AC/DC? :shock:


Nailed me on that one.

Perhaps, both of you, guys, are simply in a wrong forum, ah? :frowning:

EddieVH & Brian

I agree, you’re not totally wrong but everyone once upon a time was/is a new comer into this era.

Absolutely, this is basic education and a day 1 topic. I doubt if Joseph/Rohan has gone through it, if not he must ask his company to provide the same (if he has started working on this platform). On the other hand if he is learnig then should understand the concepts, not just shoot the questions at experts. The way should be see documents (all are available from SAG) → understand concept → try to learn → put questions upfront only if necessary. Also, if one has access to MF or has community edition code your problem and try to find an answer.

Without any basic knowledge appearing for an interview will not last for a minute and on top of this asking these questions is foolishness.

Joseph/Rohan, not against you but you should understand this beautiful language first. Would suggest you a student forum:

None the less, Brian thanks for your words :smiley:


Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.
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I found that a member asked same question in this forum some months ago.

Pls use search box to find this questions with comments

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