[SOLVED] Calling Web Service via soapUI in debug mode

Hi guys!

I created a simple service and exposed it as a Web Service. I added a breakpoint at the first step of the flow and I debugged directly from the designer. It works just fine. However, when I try to call this service via soapUI, it doesn’t stop at the first step. It just returns me the response.

Can somebody help me solve this issue, please?

I’m using version 9.9 + Linux.

Thank’s in advance.

As per my knowledge breakpoints are used to for debugging flow services, for more details read Service development help PDF “Using Breakpoints When Debugging Flow Services”. If you want to stop the execution at some point you may use exit flow and signal success.

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So I guess there isn’t any way to do it calling the flow service via Web Service.

Anyway, thank’s @M@he$h

Hi Filipe,

Mahesh is generally right regarding the breakpoint usage.

Maybe we will be able to find a solution if you can provide some details about the UseCase behind your scenario describing why you want to stop at the first step when invoking the service via SoapUI.

Using “exit flow and signal success” will terminate the service execution at this point whereas using breakpoints in Designer allows to continue the execution after the breakpoint has been checked.

When calling the Service via SoapUI it is executed on the IntegrationServer directly without having the Breakpoint information available.


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Yes, at present we don’t have such mechanism to keep a break point in the webService. But you can add debug statements as part of your flow service at multiple steps and see the behaviour of your system ( You may get what you are looking for )


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The thing is that I’m new in webMethods. I’m used to work with another integration tool which was better using soapUI than the “test environment” that the tool offers.

The way webMethods does debugging today works perfectly for me.

Thank’s for your support.