SocketException error when partner sends PIP

Hello Cort, I am not a webMethods guy, but I am a WebSphere guy. This is a typical error that I see that surrounds either the user hitting the “STOP” button on the browser before the servlet fully loads, or for some reason the browser is having a problem establishing a HTTP connection.

Hi Cortney - were you able to get this resolved?

We have a partner that is also receiving SocketExceptions when sending PIPS

The actual errors they are reporting are:

  1. Connection has been shutdown: Broken pipe
  2. Failed to send; Read timed out

We successfully receive their PIP and send the receipt acknowledgement, but our partner indicates the PIP has errored on their side. This tends to happen when the PIP they send (PIP4A3) is around 4MB.

Smaller PIPS transmitted (under 1MB are okay).

We receive many other PIPS from other trading partners without any problems.

I would appreciate any feedback from you or others which can offer a possible solution.


Ashley, Could you check your HTTP session timeout setting on ur Administration browser? typically this is cause by the default timeout (3 minutes) problem.