Socket error in pub.client:http

Hi There,

we have a flow service which makes a web service call via pub.client:http. (web Methods 7.1.2)

For some reason we are getting the below error :

Technical Response - Code: 20015 Message: SOAP Fault calling CHL Detail: Connection reset

When i check the endpoint Service URL from server using trace route we are able to reach the server and confirmed no connectivity issues.

Tried everything including package reload, IS restart still no change. :frowning:

Can some one share lights on this ? Does this requires any fix ?

Ragav J

Enable the http logging on the server and look at the server log for more error information. Also, try hit the consumer WSDL using a SoapUI from the box (where the IS is installed) where you are having this issue. You could also turn on the SOAP logging on the IS.

Also please make sure with your network admin or sys admin if the webMethods Server underlying OS can reach that URL destination from your source ip…looks like some communication layer issue reaching that endpoint from wM IS box.