soapHttp AuthType options for NTLM

I’m looking for the Auth.Type options for the soapHttp service that would allow me to use NTLM/integrated windows authentication. Is this possible? What would the type be?

Thanks for the help.

Is IS 6.5 and older you would need a custom soap processor to intercept a security token containing the authentication information (SAML assertion, username token, etc.). The processor would need to call some service that you would write to perform the authentication.

IS 7.1 allows you to define deployment descriptors that understand what to do with security tokens. I have not yet tested this new feature.

Another option is to offload this type of security processing to a dedicated hardware or software component. Hardware would include XML Security appliances (e.g. IBM DataPower). Software could be any ESB or other intermediary such as webMethods Infravio X-Broker.