SOAPException: [ISS.0088.9112] An Exception was thrown in the server

When call [url]http://localhost:5555/soap/rpc[/url] , I get this error as below,
your help is appreciated,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

The service being invoked via SOAP RPC failed with a null pointer exception. Debug that service with Developer.

Thanks.Debug which service ?Is it WmPublic/pub.client.soapRPC ?If yes, it’s just a java service and source is not availble.

The service you created the WSDL from.

What is the SOAP request?

Thanks . When I call [url][/url] in browser, I get below message:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

However, when I call [url][/url], I get below web page,what’s the difference ?It seems the former is not correct.How to correct this ?what’s more , I can call the webservice internally by webservice connector successfully.Howerver, my partner call ihttp:// externally the get error as above. why ?Thanks.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

A browser cannot call a web service normally. The content type of the post must be set to an appropriate value, which is not controllable from most browsers.

The difference is only in error reporting. Both are indicative of failures. A SOAP RPC service expects to be given a SOAP document. Armed with just a browser, this isn’t possible.

That would indicate things are set up correctly.

Three possibilities come to mind: 1) they too are using a browser to hit the URL, which is not valid; 2) they are not passing a SOAP document in their HTTP POST or are not setting the content-type to text/xml; 3) SOAP RPC has interoperability issues, which have been covered many times in the forums. Perhaps they are encountering one of these.

Before you use http://{IS_Server}:5555/soap/rpc you have to understand how is working.

  1. You use http://{IS_Server}:5555/soap/rpc to invoke an existing IS service
  2. In order to do so, you can generate a WSDL file from IS flow/java service: select IS service/ Click Tools and then Generate WSDL …; You will have options to select how you want to invoke you web service Protocol (SOAP-RPC; SOAP-MSG; HTTP-POST; HTTP-GET) and Transport (HTTP/HTTPS).
  3. Using generated WSDL you can generate the right SOAP client to test.

Watch carefully location in generated WSDL … if you want to invoke from Browser (that HTTP-GET) you shouldn’t use http://{IS_Server}:5555/soap/rpc but http://{IS_Server}:5555/invoke

I think you have this NullPointerException because some mandatory elements required by http://{IS_Server}:5555/soap/rpc are missing since you just called them from Browser or a client that doesn’t supply all required parameters. That’s where WSDL cames into play … if you are familiar with Web Services, generated WSDL gives you all you need to invoke an IS service via soap/rpc!

Hi, Has anyone implemeneted SOAP over HTTP using SOAP Plugin in UM(9.7) ?

I recommend you open a new thread with this question under the Universal Messaging forum.

I just did. Here is the link below -