soapclient erroring out and doesn't contain SOAP-FAULT

We are on 7.1.1 and using pub.client.soapClient to send SOAP message. Our message is about 9mb.

Earlier we were getting timeout issues due to big SOAP message. So I increased the timeout settion for the soapClient to 180000 milliseconds.

Now it fails at pub.client.soapClient with soapStatus of 1 and it does’t show any SOAP-FAULT. I’ve also tried reading soapStatus and response but both of them comes up as null. I’ve also tried catching the error and pub.flow.getLastError also doesn’t show any info.

I checked with the receiver and they are claiming that they are receiveing the complete SOAP message.

Has anyone encountered this?

hi neha,
I’m facing this issue…
DId u find the solution for this problem in the past 2 yrs…:wink: