SOAP validation

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How to turn on (if possible) SOAP message validation for incoming requests? I am not asking for checkbox “Input validation”, but for SOAP.

I found this parameter in extended settings:

but it didn’t work. Any clue?

AFAIK, this feature is not implemented in webMethods (Integration Server does not validate any of the data carried by the message). Feature request should be raised on Empower Brainstorm.

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Please refer to below details from SAG guide:

Syed Faraz Ahmed

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If you want to validate the content of the SOAP body you can use pub.schema:validate at the beginning of the provider service.
Set conformsTo parameter to the soap schema created during import of WSDL.



Maybe you should check Vlad Turian’s blog about web services:

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Thx for all replies.

We will consider Gerardo Lisboa suggestion.