SOAP-ENC:Array and Web Services Clients

Has anyone got good results working with SOAP-ENC:Array attributes generated by EntireX Workbench for complex types (group fields with repetitions) and Web Services applications in .NET or JWSDP ?

Is necessary make any change in the wsdl or xmm files ?

Hi Oscar,

can you give some more background information on your question, or a specific example that illustrates a problem?

Regards, Dietmar.

I think this is inline with a question I have. Our mainframe team is going to be submitting to my web service a SOAP request and this request is going to have the main packet information but each packet can have multiple forms. I’m at a loss on what to do on my part other than have the parms in my function. I guess my question is, does EntireX loop through the each form and call my web service until the end of the array?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Hi Chad,

I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you provide an example SOAP request as is is sent by the client?

Regards, Dietmar

The mainframe is going to pass me an array of data through the XML server via SOAP. So far in my parameters in my function I have it like

Public Function MyFunction(ByVal Var1 As String, ByVal Var2 As String, ByVal Var3 As String, ByVal Var 4As String) As String

End function

What is going to be sent to me would look like this:

asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf